Solicitors Office


the combined package for the legal sector

The legal profession is going through considerable changes. Technology advances, regulatory amendments and ever changing working structures are bringing new opportunities but also increased risks.

It is therefore increasingly important to have Insurance cover in place that understands the Legal sector - and that has the knowledge and practical experience to support firms through these changes.

Tailored protection for the legal sector

Does your office policy cover all of this?

  • Unlimited maximum indemnity period - We can protect clients regardless of the time period after a business interruption claim has been made.

  • Billable hours coverage - We recognize that every hour counts in the legal profession. That's why our business interruption insurance covers billable hours.

  • Network security (1st party cyber) - We can cover both random and specific attacks on our clients own data, network or website.

  • Criminal protection response - We provide coverage for extortion / data breach, disappearance, express kidnap, hostage crisis and threat response.

  • Conveyancing - When the client is responsible for insuring a residential property during conveyancing but does not arrange such cover, we offer contingent coverage to protect our client.

  • Probate, Trustee and Guardian - We offer emergency coverage for residential buildings where a solicitor is appointed as trustee, legal guardian or executor at short notice.

  • Irreplaceable and Essential Documents - We compensate the client for the cost of a legal indemnity policy in the event of damage to documents related to property transactions.

  • Office Recovery support for the legal sector - We offer recovery support to help our clients continue running their business in the event of an emergency; covering emergency office accommodation, redirection of phone calls, reinstated email domain, and internet connectivity and manager support.