About Us

The Global Re Group (GRG) was founded back in 1999 by Peter Matthews, with the first of the group of companies being Global Reinsurance Consultants Ltd, which is one of the premier independent reinsurance consultancy firms operating in the worldwide insurance and reinsurance markets. GRG are a niche service provider offering a dedicated recovery, collection and commutation service to the reinsurance industry predominantly in the run-off arena.

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Global Re Broking solutions

The team are now proud to provide commercial insurance options to a range of different business classes, using the contacts that we have built up over our twenty years of operating in the Lloyd's, London and International markets.  We are registered as a Lloyd's Broker and fully FCA compliant.  

No matter what size of cover you think you might need give us a call to discuss your business' individual requirements.

GRG have built an enviable reputation over 20 years of trading in the collection of reinsurance recoveries and the conclusion of commutations from insurers and reinsurers around the globe. GRG service clients ranging from large multi-nationals to smaller independent companies.

Services are tailored to support the challenges faced by our clients in managing their run-off and legacy portfolios as proactively and cost efficiently as possible. We are very successful in recovering monies by collection and/or commutation without recourse to litigation. We have collected from many locations globally and continue to develop and expand this expertise.

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Global Re finality solutions

Global Re Finality Solutions (GRFS) is the second group of companies and operates as a dedicated purchase vehicle, offering liquidity solutions for organizations with legacy business. GRFS is capable of optimizing the value of a capital asset, rather than it being written off or failing to produce the required margins.

GRFS has a flexible approach to acquisitions and will consider a wide range of transactions, from specific individual debts/loan, notes to the purchase of a company in its entirety.